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1. What are the current weather conditions?
2. Are there any NOTAMS in effect?
3. Are there any hangars/planes for sale or rent?

City Clerk

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1. How do I get copies, or examine public records?
2. How and when do I get a Special Events Use permit?
3. How do I request a copy of the agenda?
4. How would I obtain an audio CD of the Council Meeting?
5. When are passport applications processed?

City Council

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1. How do I contact a Council Member?
2. What do I need to do to speak at a Council Meeting?
3. How do I get notified about Council Meetings?
4. How do I get on the City Council?

Home Page

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1. What are your hours?
2. Where is City Hall located?
3. Where can I pay my water bill?
4. Where is the DMV?
5. Who do I call to shut my water off when I need to make repairs?


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1. How do I make a crime report?
2. If I don’t agree with a parking violation I received, what can I do about it?
3. How do I make a complaint about a police officer?
4. What area does the Police Department serve?
5. How do I contact the Police Department after business hours?

Public Works

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1. When does the street sweeper come?
2. Where can I get an encroachment permit?
3. Will the City fix my sidewalk?
4. Is there an emergency phone number?