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Mountain Hawk Aviation
Flight Instruction by Mountain Hawk Aviation
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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s not Superman. We are talking about Mountain Hawk Aviation! Located at the Tehachapi Municipal Airport right here in our own City of Tehachapi is a unique business that offers quality aircraft maintenance and personalized flight instruction.

Already being a resident of Tehachapi, business owner and manager Gordon Davis found Tehachapi the ideal place for starting his Mountain Hawk Aviation business. In 1993, the perfect opportunity opened up as Gordon learned of an existing aviation maintenance building that became available for purchase at the Tehachapi Airport. It was close to home, making it exceptionally convenient for him and with only minor restructuring needed, Mountain Hawk Aviation Inc. was up and running.

With over 30 years of experience in the Aviation world, Gordon Davis has much to offer Tehachapi through Mountain Hawk Aviation, Inc.. Services offered include Airworthiness Services such as restoration and rebuilding projects, maintenance, and inspections as well as Flight Operations which involve flight instruction services, aircraft ferry and delivery services, as well as aerial photography for real estate, construction and promotional concerns.

Mountain Hawk Aviation, Inc. attributes the success of their business to the community of Tehachapi and emphasizes that steady progress with incoming projects as well as their faithful customers have been a part of their steady growth through the years, even through the tough economic down turn. The future plans for Mountain Hawk Aviation include continued personalized flight training as well as expanding into FAA Compliance Services (DAR).