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Scott's Auto Body
Auto Body Repairs
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If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of shopping for auto body service, fear not. Tehachapi is fortunate to have Scott’s Auto Body for a local one-stop collision repair shop. Their long-standing reputable business and friendly customer service is sure to turn your unfortunate circumstance into a positive Tehachapi experience.

Shop History
This auto body shop has been a part of our Tehachapi downtown for many years and has been owned and operated by the Richmond family since 1983. Having parents who owned an apple farm in Tehachapi, Scott Richmond wanted to lay roots in Tehachapi as well. In 1983, Scott went into a certain auto shop to apply for a job. This job inquiry eventually turned into purchasing the shop from the owner, thus the birth of “Scott’s Auto Body”.

Through the years, Scott’s Auto Body has expanded both structurally as well as in employee numbers. Eleven thousand square feet were initially added on to the existing structure and 12 employment opportunities were made available for the community. Just recently the shop has added an additional 6,000 square feet and has hired one more employee. Tehachapi is a thriving city and Scott’s Auto Body is a prime example of this.

Downtown Convenience
Being in the heart of downtown Tehachapi, Scott’s Auto Body offers customers the opportunity to meander downtown and take in the uniqueness of our beautiful city while their vehicle is being repaired. For most, that is a preferred alternative to being confined in a waiting room.

Scott’s Auto body has enjoyed being a part of Tehachapi’s downtown business community and they appreciate how the locals patronize all the local businesses. Feeling the support of the City, they feel that it has always been a pleasure to work with and for the Tehachapi community. The future plans for Scott’s Auto Body include continued growth, more employment opportunities for the residents of Tehachapi, and continued service to the City of Tehachapi.