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What are those guys doing up on that tower? They are students climbing on a simulated wind turbine tower to conduct training and education to become certified Wind Turbine Technicians. What better place to receive this type of training, than in a location that is densely populated and famous for wind turbine technology and from a first class company in the industry specializing in this type of training. That company is Airstreams Renewables.

Airstreams Renewables was founded in 2003 by two local Tehachapi residents, Dave Schulgen and Jeff Duff. Both Dave and Jeff have been lifelong residents of Tehachapi. Airstreams started out as a wind energy consulting company, and quickly took a turn into the technical training aspect after seeing a need for quality wind technician training. Since Airstreams start in 2003, the company has grown into one of the most successful wind energy technician training schools in the nation. Recently Airstreams has earned the State of California Approved Post-Secondary Vocational Training accreditation.  Airstreams is currently located in the Tehachapi Airport Industrial Complex. At this facility they offer many courses to educate students in wind turbine safety, turbine systems, climbing safety, and personnel rescue.

The most popular course is the 5 Week Wind Turbine Technician Training. Currently Airstreams trains 40 students every 5 weeks. To date approximately 800 students have graduated from the 5 week training course. With 800 students now trained and ready to start a career in the wind industry Airstream’s most important accomplishment comes in to play, job placement. Airstreams currently holds an 80% job placement rate. This type of successes comes from 100% of the company’s focus directed towards finding the students jobs to start their career path in the wind industry.

In more recent news Airstreams is in the process of expanding in order to accommodate larger class sizes. Their current facility, located at the Tehachapi Airport, has outgrown itself and therefore a move to a larger facility located on West J Street is underway. With expansion being one of the main focuses for the next five years, Airstreams plans on enlarging class sizes to 150 students per 5 week course. In 2013 Airstreams plans on implementing an 8 week Wind Turbine Technician course. With all of Airstream’s accreditations and expansion plans this homegrown Tehachapi company promises to bring the finest specialized training to the wind industry, meanwhile bringing people from all corners of the world to our hometown of Tehachapi.