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Epic Games

Games, games and more games!  Gaming is the newest trend this day and age but let me tell you, Epic Games’ gaming takes on a new “old” meaning.  Games are a blast, but why interact with the television or a computer screen when you could be investing your time in developing friendships and bonds with like people as yourself.  Epic Games pride themselves with being able to offer a one-of-a-kind gaming and hobby store that promotes social interaction.  This being said, they even host a game/hobby night featuring a different game each night of the week! 

What started off as a comic shop and game store known as “City Of Heroes” in Old Town Tehachapi seven years ago, Epic Games, now located on Tucker Road in the City of Tehachapi has the best and newest in collectible card games, board games, miniatures and role playing games.

Co-owners Alex Smith, James Queen and Tim Whitton, all being residents of Tehachapi, appreciate the sense of community that Tehachapi offers and feel that Tehachapi is the ideal place for their game store. There are no other games stores in Tehachapi, thus making Tehachapi the perfect destination for this business. They enjoy being a part of the Tehachapi business community and are pleased with the ability to promote the City of Tehachapi and in a sense “give back to the community”.  They can do this by offering gaming tournaments that out of town gamers can come and participate in. They have regularly drawn in visitors from Lancaster and Bakersfield and well as other far away areas.  They have observed customer growth over their years in business and are pleased to bring this much needed social venue to our city. When asked about their hopes and plans for the future, it is told that Epic Games is eager to expand their assortment of miniatures as well as participate in more gaming tournaments.