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Tehachapi Treasure Trove
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Slogan “Uncommonly Eclectic and Unusually Unique Stuff” does a fine job of describing this new downtown store. Recently opened, Tehachapi Treasure Trove is the place to shop and find things you won’t find anywhere else in town, as well as the place to go to learn about the inner artist in yourself.  Co-Owners Janet Meabon, Susanna Monette, Sandi Thoman, and Mel White have all joined in this partnership with the same goal in mind: to keep fine art alive in Tehachapi and make Tehachapi Treasure Trove a big center to showcase and encourage local artists and artisans. With all four owners being Crossroads member artists, they have come to recognize that Tehachapi is an artist community.  From photography, sculpturing, jewelry, wood art, pottery, ceramics, drawing, and all forms of painting, Tehachapi has proven that it has the potential to be a huge art/artist community.

All four of Tehachapi Treasure Trove’s owners have been long time residents of Tehachapi.  They have come to love and take pride in their city and are delighted to have Tehachapi Treasure Trove be a part of Tehachapi’s downtown business community.  Their location right on Tehachapi Blvd is perfect for this shop.  Downtown is known by locals and visited by tourists.  Being a part of the downtown activity is exciting for these owners and they look forward to being able to contribute to the community in the way of offering an avenue of enjoyment, a place to be inspired by other artists and to meet the need of Tehachapi’s own, by providing a new social outlet.  Open studios and a variety of classes are available to the public and promote togetherness within our community. 

Nothing is off limits for Tehachapi Treasure Trove.  This shop will appeal to all levels of artists as well as those who just have an appreciation for art.  One will find arts and crafts supplies, art and gift merchandise from local artists, Kiln firing services, pottery wheel time, printing services, and packaging and merchandising aids for artists. When asked about the future plans for Tehachapi’s newest and biggest business, the ambitions are to see customer growth, expand the store to utilize their full space, offer a variety of art classes, stock more resources for artists and become known as the place for services and merchandise.  The ultimate goal however is to be an inspiration for artists and to be recognized as the place to have FUN!!!