Public Works Department

Public Work’s assignment, in support of the City’s mission, is to provide essential services and maintenance of the infrastructure in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. Through teamwork, interdepartmental communication and technical training, the Department strives to increase the quality of life for our residents. The City relies on its Public Works’ Department for facility/fleet vehicle maintenance; sidewalk/street maintenance; street lighting/signage; weed control/landscaping as well as set up and tear down for special events. In addition, Public Works maintains Tehachapi Airport, the Event Center and Rodeo Grounds and the Railroad Depot and Freedom Plaza Visitor Center. Water and Sewer Utilities also operate under the supervision of the Public Works Director. The Department employs a Public Works Director, a supervisor, nine full-time and three part-time maintenance workers and an Administrator.

Along with city staff, the Public Works Department plans and budgets for the operation, maintenance, and expansion of these departments.

The Public Works Department is funded primarily through user fees. Citizens who have water, sewer and refuse accounts pay monthly bills determined by levels of usage and areas of residence.