Business Refuse & Recycling

Business Recycling

What You Need To Know About Business Recycling

Waste Management is the contract waste and recycling hauler for businesses within the City of Tehachapi. There is an online web page dedicated to business services provided by Waste Management.

Waste Management for Tehachapi Businesses

State law now requires all businesses to recycle. To learn more about Mandatory Commercial Recycling and Mandatory Commercial Organics recycling visit:

Monthly Business Rates for Commercial Trash Services As of July 1, 2018
Please note that all commercial bins are sorted for recyclable materials.

3-cubic Yard x 1-time per week $145.57 per mo.

3 cubic yard x 2 times per week $233.24

3 cubic yard x 3 times per week $310.60

3 cubic yard x 4 times per week $394.08

3 cubic yard x 5 times per week $475.52

3 cubic yard x 6 times per week $553.20

Commercial Organics Recycling
64 Gallon cart x 1 time per week (first cart included with trash service meeting or exceeding four cubic yards per week)

Additional 64 gallon organics cart (WM billed) $9.50 mo.