Brite & Cummings Valley

Brite Valley

Brite Creek Farms

Description/History:Named after one of the original families in the Tehachapi area, this valley is home to Brite Lake, a recreation lake and reservoir for the Tehachapi Cummings County Water District. The valley is surrounded by oak and pine covered hills and features several small family farms and homes. 

Filming Environment: Shots with surrounding nature, trees and hills. Small family farming operations including Brite Creek Farms. Rural area with several elevated shots of a valley below.

Support/Nearby: Removed from the City of Tehachapi, it is connected by Highline Road, making it a short 10-minute drive to many of the support services like retail, restaurants and hotels.  

Cummings Valley

Cummings Valley
Description/History: Valley of some of the first settlers to the Tehachapi Area. Today it includes major agricultural operations including food crops, wine grapes, and commercial greenhouses. It is also home to several wineries/tasting rooms including Triassic Vineyards, Dorner Family Vineyard and Tehachapi Wine & Cattle Company. Each possesses the potential for stand alone cinematic shots. 

Filming Environment: Rural, agricultural including farm workers, farm trucks and several large and small farms. Open area surrounded by majestic mountains on all sides. Wineries, vineyards and scenery surrounded by oak-covered hills and mountains. 

Support/Nearby: Slightly removed from much of Tehachapi, about 15 minutes outside of City services and businesses. Some small catering capabilities with Moessner Farms and some fuel services available in Stallion Springs located at the Western edge of the Cummings Valley.