Event Center & Rodeo Grounds


Description/History: Owned by the City of Tehachapi and maintained by the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association, this rodeo and event center provides the perfect rodeo-scenes and has been featured in television and print ads for the auto industry. Complete with bucking shoots, livestock pens, stands and more. This facility is easily accessible from Highway 58 and includes several acres and room for production needs. 

Filming Environment: Perfect for rodeo competition shots, roping, barrel racing and more. Solid backdrop with stands offer the ability for extras to be in the background with plenty of parking for crew and extras. This has been a popular spot for truck commercials in years past and has undergone several upgrades in the last few years creating not only a great event environment but one also convenient for film production. 

Support/Nearby: Located at the edge of the City, the event center is close to  Downtown restaurants and connected to the hotels, hospital and services of Capital Hills with Challenger Drive. Very close to fueling stations, large travel centers and all the catering and retail needs of cast and crew. 

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