Keeping Tehachapi Safe & Self Reliant-FAQ

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Q: How has Sacramento impacted the City's finances?

A: Tehachapi has been hit hard by the impacts of COVID and the actions of Sacramento politicians. In the last several years, Tehachapi has lost about $6.5 million from Sacramento money grabs, and the regional oil economy is being threatened by the actions of State politicians. 

Q: Has COVID-19 impacted local budgets?

A: Yes. As a result of COVID and state budget cuts, the City has lost about $2 million in revenue the last two years alone and is facing a deficit.

Q: How will Sacramento takeaways and COVID losses impact our local services?

A: Without an additional source of local funds, the City will be forced to make cuts to programs and services that could otherwise help us recover from the current crisis, as well as fund basic services such as emergency response, public safety, and much needed street repairs.

Q: Are there emergency response needs that may get worse?

A: Yes, When you have an emergency, seconds count, and we much ensure that Tehachapi has the needed resources to maintain and improve fire and medical response times to all neighborhoods of our city. The City of Tehachapi's 911 dispatch received over two thousand calls last year, including for medical emergencies, and given the impacts of State takeaways, COVID, and rising County costs, an additional local source of funds must be secured to maintain the services we currently have. 

Q: What priorities are important to the Tehachapi community right now?

A: In recent conversations, your neighbors have identified priorities that maintain the essential services we rely upon, including:

  • Maintaining fire protection
  • Protecting drinking water
  • Preparing for and responding to natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildland fires
  • Maintaining local 911 emergency response
  • Helping prevent crime
  • Maintaining essential services
  • Helping to maintain local businesses/job

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